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Jagged Alliance Online

Publisher :
Release Date :
September 14th, 2012
Platforms :
Genre :
Massively Multiplayer, Role-Playing, Strategy
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Game Description

Jagged Alliance Online brings a classic turn-based strategy game back to life.  With modern graphics, proven games mechanics and elaborate AI, the browser game fits perfectly into the footsteps of the Jagged Alliance series. Players can complete more than 100 challenging missions and challenge friends in the innovative PvP mode to find out who is the true master of turn-based strategy.

• Top-notch 3D graphics based on the Unity 3D engine
• More than 100 missions in all corners of the world
• More than 60 types of mercenaries with individual abilities
• Hundreds of different weapons and countless equipment items
• Expandable player-owned headquarters
• Special PvP missions with an honor system for players
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