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Dhaila's Adventures

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Adventure, Role-Playing
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Game Description

Dhaila’s Adventures is a 3D game which permits you to roam anywhere freely. You control Dhaila viewed in the third person. You can make her walk, run, jump, roll, hit and many other possibilities. Dhaila has many powerful abilities, such as:

- She has the capacity of absorbing DNA from all living creatures and she is able to transform herself into each being at any moment.

- Her DNA is linked directly with nature which permits her to use optimal energy.

- If the player makes the necessary action, she can become immortal, and at any moment relieve her from dyeing by energizing nature's light.

- She can use nature’s light as a weapon and produce an invisible shield, cast magic power, use levitation powers, and more.

- The player can choose many destinations for Dhaila according to her choices ans actions. He must find different solutions to puzzles in order to cross the huge dungeons filled with trap and monsters.
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