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Massively Multiplayer, Role-Playing
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Game Description

DarkEden is a throwback to the golden age of MMORPGs, featuring classic hack-and-slash action and isometric 2D visuals. Set in the fictional eastern European country of Eslania, players choose between three available races, including vicious Vampires, human Slayers and beastly Ousters, and battle for control of Eslania. Each race has distinctive gameplay mechanics and methods for character progression, such as the Vampire’s need to drink blood to gain experience points.

Unique Subject and Genre

Unlike other MMORPGs, this game takes place in the near-future in which vampires roam the world. A modern horror environment has been constructed with a mix of classic asian, medieval, and sci-fi fantasy.

Racial Conflicts Based on a Powerful Plot

Join the ranks of one of three contesting races - the Vampires, the Slayers, and the Ousters. Territorial conflicts naturally result in battles between the races. In the Holy land of Adam, large-scale warfare between the races and sieges between guilds take place, with integral elements of strategy.

Distinguished Racial Features

Two systems coexist in DarkEden by race. Vampires use the level system while the slayers use the skill system. Each race shows distinct features in its growth, items, skills, and classes. There are various vehicles and magical means of transportation that you can take including motorcycles, helicopters, bats, and warp tunnels. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Time Influence

There are three different time periods that reguute the battles in helea the night and day cycle not only affects the vision and abilities of the characters, it also alters the environment.

Rank System

A ranking system has been implemented separately from the level system. For every rank you achieve, you can selectively learn rank skills. Diverse Skills Each race has the ability to use a variety of skills and magical spells, as well as passive skills that are based on ranks to achieve their goal of domination.
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