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Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
July 20th, 2011
Genre :
Action, Role-Playing
Perspective :
Theme :
ESRB Descriptors :
Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco

Game Description

Bastion features a compelling interactive story and imaginative hand-painted environments, all available in stunning HD. The game is dynamically narrated, gradually revealing a rich back-story as the narrator reacts to the player’s actions in real time, giving context and deeper meaning to their interactions in the world around them.

In Bastion, players assume the role of “the Kid,” a survivor of a cataclysmic event that shattered the world around him, as he faces the monumental task of constructing a safe haven for him and his loved ones from broken remnants of the past. As players journey into the wild unknown, they will confront strange beasts, forge an array of customizable weapons, and gain new powers from specially-brewed spirits.

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