Talos Jedi Acadamy I can´t leave

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Talos Jedi Acadamy I can´t leave

Postby Gridlock83 » Thu May 09, 2013 6:11 am

Okay so i entered the secret academy on Talos chatted with the previous council member, reunited with my companions (including the droid) go to the ship enter it, then i get the cut scenes (first of the ship leaving and then of the female jedi standing there looking out the window) and then nothing, i´m back in the hangar in the Academy and for some reason I can´t leave.

Sure i can re enter the ship and screen will turn black for a milisecond or two but it doesn´t change a thing i´m still standing exactly where i left.

I tried reloading just before i entered the ship, with the last autosave (just before the battle with the three assassin droids) and even a save before that when i was in the underground military base.

Nothing the exact same bug happens anyone know a solution for it?