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Lightside and Darkside Mastery: What They Do
Lightside Mastery
Guardian: +3 Strenght
Sentinel: +3 Constitution
Consular: +3 Charisma

Darkside Mastery
Guardian: +1d8 damage
Sentinel: Poison immunity
Consular: +50 to force points

I'm missing an NPC
Here is a list of all NPC's and where they can be found
  • Bastila Shan - Taris after the swooprace
  • Canderous Ordo - Taris
  • Carth Onasi - Taris
  • HK-47 - Bought in droidshop on Tatooine
  • Jolee Bindo - Kashyyyk,Upper Shadowlands
  • Juhani - Turn here to the lightside in Dantooine in the Jedi trial
  • Mission Vao - Taris
  • T3-M4 - Bought in droidshop on Taris
  • Trask Ulgo - Endar Spike
  • Zaalbar - Taris

How to solve the H-puzzle on the unknownworld
Walk in solo made:
1. The tile closest to the entrance to the room is the "reset tile." Step onto the reset tile to begin the puzzle since you'll be walking straight up the right side. You will not use the reset tile again unless you slip up.

2. Walk all the way up the right-side of the "H" in a straight line and do not stop. Walk straight off the puzzle toward the back of the room and let go of the controls once you are no longer touching the puzzle.

3. Walk around the puzzle to its right side, careful not to touch any part of it now, and stop when you are facing the middle tile of this side. Now walk straight across along this middle row toward the left side and do not stop. Walk completely off the puzzle and let go when you are safely off.

4. Now walk around the puzzle to place yourself below the left-side bottom tile, and stop when you are facing upward toward the top of the left side. Walk straight up the left side. When you touch the left-side top tile, the door will open. If by chance it should not, then most likely you touched a tile twice by accident. Head back to the reset tile and follow carefully.

I cant win the swoopraces on Tantooine or Manaan
First, you cant upgrade your bike so you have to do it with what you got.
For the PC gamers try lowering all graficsettings
  • Switch to a lower resolution
  • Turn of grass and shadows
  • Set textures to low
  • Turn of anisotropy

Now the race should go more fluid, and you will get better times.
(even on sytems that have the recommand requirements this can make a difference)

Also race alot, and try to learn the course, so you know what pad's to take and which pad's skip (try to take as many of them as possible)

Or you could download the Easy-Swoop-Racing mod
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