Some thoughts on the Soldier/Consular combo...

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Some thoughts on the Soldier/Consular combo...

Postby theant4 » Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:06 pm

Normally I play the game as a Scout/Sentinel just because I like being able to level up more equally. However, I got to thinking... soldiers level up in feats faster than anything else right? And a Jedi Consular levels up in Force powers faster than everything else right? For now we'll leave all other factors like attack and defense bonuses out of the picture -- taking that into consideration, in the end would the Soldier/Consular combo theoretically be comparable to or better than the Scout/Sentinel combo?

The way I see it, with the Soldier/Consular combo you could get a head start on leveling up in feats before you even become a Jedi so that by the time you finished your training you would have mastered most of the good stuff like Flurry and Power Attack. Then once you became a Jedi you could devote more of your attention to your Force powers. If you were careful you could probably still achieve the same result as the Scout/Sentinel combo, but rather than leveling up evenly you would just be doing it in big chunks at a time if that makes sense.

Now, throw the attack bonuses and stuff back into the picture. Which combo is better? I honestly never pay all that much attention to all of that -- I just run around and kill stuff. I'm a terrible gamer, I know...

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Postby GawainBS » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:20 am

Much depends on how many non-Jedi levels you take. Scout 4 and Soldier 4, for example, gives Scout 2 feats extra in fact, given that many builds involve Flurry, and all the Implant feats.

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Postby Sykar » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:43 pm

I'd say Scoundrel/JC and Scout/JC are a bit better than Soldier/JC.
What does adding some levels of Soldier? A few uneccesary extra feats like heavy armor.
Power attack which is lackluster unless you go dual wield which I'd recommend for Jedi Guardians. Imho dual wield serves those with high strength and BA more.
Power shot is useless after Taris.

Scoundrel gives you up to 4 extra armor, sneak attack damage, stealth, good skill points.
Scout gives you just as much bonus feats if you count in the bonus implant feats and implants are great. Also start with the flurry feat. Also better saves.

Since you are going JC you want high wisdom and charisma score so your powers work more reliably. Soldiers do not really add to that imho.