Finally learned how to make custom Backgrounds work.

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Finally learned how to make custom Backgrounds work.

Postby Ravor » Tue Nov 18, 2003 7:33 pm

Well, after ruining one installation, as well as several hair pulling hours I finally backwards engineered from the Custom Backgrounds on Fileplanet how to make custom backgrounds for Arcanum, not to mention even learning how to unpack the unmodifed mes files that make the game work (Mainly because I wasn't sure that I trusted them not to have made an mistake as well as I didn't want to change the starting gold that everyone had, well that plus the fact that I wanted to do it from stratch :D .).

So now that I've taught myself how to do so I'm planning on creating several custom backgrounds myself, that unlike many in the above pack actually makes sense in the world of Arcanum. However, please note that I'm not aiming to make the backgrounds 'balanced' with the offical ones, but I am going to try to make them more or less balanced against each other.

Anyways, I was wondering whether anyone had any concept ideas, so far I have 'Renaissance Sorceress', 'Harlet', 'Man at Arms', 'Card Shark', and 'Courtesan', and 'Hedge Wizard'.

To give you an idea of what I mean via power level of the backgrounds, here is the background that is currently completed and I'm currently playing.

Renaissance Sorceress

Having shown a remarkable aptitude for magickal endeavors since early childhood you have recently graduated from one of the finest Academies in all of Arcanum, eager to find your own way in the world. Long years of training have granted you with excellent coordination and mental faculties in addiction to learning the use your feminine wiles to their fullest extent in charming others.

Dexterity +2
Beauty +2
Intelligence +2
Willpower +2
Charisma +2
Magic +2 (10%)
Persuasion +4

Starts with:

200 Gold
Elegant Dress
Ladies Fancy Boots

Only Female Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves can use this background.

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Postby The Z » Tue Nov 18, 2003 8:59 pm

Are there any negatives for the backgrounds? :confused:

BTW...Great ideas with the backgrounds....they'd make an already long game into an even longer and more interesting one :)
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Postby Ravor » Tue Nov 18, 2003 9:08 pm

Well not really as I'm not trying to balance the backgrounds with the 'offical' ones, although if I decide that a background 'feels' right with a negative aspect or if it needs something taken away to balance with the other backgrounds that I'm creating then I'll add some.

However, after playing with the Renaissance Sorceress I have decided to scale her back somewhat to avoid stepping on the toes of the other backgrounds I'm planning.

However, if anyone has suggestions then I'll be more then happy to listen to them.

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Postby BananaFish » Fri Jan 29, 2010 5:58 am

Make one for dwarves!

I need them to get the Dex, Melee, Charisma, and possibly something that BALANCES the dwarf out, so I can spend points into making him a Gun smithy, LOL
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