Z'an Al'urin missing

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Z'an Al'urin missing

Postby Scully » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:00 am

Never mind. It was just the glitchy nature of the widescreen patch (or is there a fix for it? My interface disappears and **** is blinking a lot) that showed my own name tag on her.

Ehm, so I fixed that too. Turns out it was the compact interface part of the mod that did it. So.. this thread is pretty awkward now.

Old post, disregard it:
She is not in the spot marked in the walkthroughs, and I've looked all around town. Since you can't see the names of NPCs in this game until you know it (brilliant by the way, not sarcasm), I don't know if the other woman in town is here, though she answers me like a basic npc, so I doubt it.