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Torian Kel, and Further Buggery

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:09 pm
by demlex
This is a slight issue I come across on several of my odd playthroughs. the first of which is in the title, is about Torian Kel:

1. Whenever I go to see Torian Kel(I always get the blood first and formost), there have been saved files where he outright just plain attacks me when I open the door, and other files where he does not, and will tell me I'm not evil enough or sum such(though with master persuasion he kinda joins regardless)

I personally have heard that Magnus has some sort of beef with Torian Kel, and as I have had Magnus with me on occasion, perhaps that may be the reason for Torian Kel's hostility(perhaps he doesn't like dwarves, though I haven't checked with the other two you can get)

2. There are many MORE occasions, usually when I have custom background character with max beauty, persuasion, and such, that I may talk to someone who suddenly goes from 100+(love) to 0(Hate) ex. Madam Lil, The Firearms Master, and an assortment of other people I can't recall, those two being the most recent, though it also happened with Dodge master, and then again with the Melee, and I did absolutely nothing to invoke these sudden hostilities though most of the time, if I Reload from a previous save seems to be a 50% chance it doesn't happen again.

3. In one play through, I noticed, just out of nowhere, the herbalist from Shrouded Hills, completely vanished from the game, and never seemed to return, forcing me to do the Stillwater Giant Quest instead of just pickpocketing the Amulet from the jerky guy. No idea why she disappeared, but am really just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else.

Off the top of my head, that is all the bugs or events I can remember, perhaps I'll make a "part 2" later if I uncover anymore unanswered questions.