[RELz/WIPz] Doggy Romance on the Train, Beta.

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[RELz/WIPz] Doggy Romance on the Train, Beta.

Postby Acleacius » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:56 pm

Well ok, I don't have the Romance part working yet, but........until then you will just have to be happy traveling the countryside with Dog on the Trains.

Quick and dirty, doing Dog on the Trains, beta. Huh?
By Acleacius

The reason it's beta is there are 2500 scripts and I think I missed one, the normal Conductor in Tarant. I have tested Black Root to Ashbury riding on the Mage Car. You have to pay for Dog like any other member, they just don't know he is a Dog now. ;)

IF someone knows the name of the script the Normal Conductor in Tarant uses, let me know I will add it.

Drop this scr folder into your Arcanum/data folder, so it should look like this Arcanum/data/scr. You don't seem to need to start a new game.

Remove the 5 files you installed in the scr folder or delete the scr folder if you have no other files there.

Thanks to rroyo for pointing me to the scripts.
Thanks to Terra-Arcanum for all the files and Arcanum support.
Thanks to Super Drog for all the files........and being a one man Arcanum support, army.
Thanks to Troika for some of the best RPGs ever.

If this blows up your computer, bawhahaha I laugh at you, if not have fun using Dog on the trains. :p

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