Please Read Before Posting: On Spoilers/Reporting- it only takes a minute

This forum is to be used for all discussions pertaining to Nihilistic Software's Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption.
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Please Read Before Posting: On Spoilers/Reporting- it only takes a minute

Postby Hill-Shatar » Fri Nov 18, 2005 5:11 pm

Just to make sure that everyone gets the maximum amount of enjoyment out of this game, please read this post. Remember, thirty seconds of your time can greatly improve yours and others time here. :)

UPDATE- Please Read Section B)

After looking through the [url=""]forum rules[/url], please read below.

A little I would like to add:

A) If you are posting something that may have information on plot in it that could ruin the game for someone else, please add spoilers to the title. If not, then I will go through and change it myself, and any action taken by you would greatly reduce the chance of someone reading something they don't want to read.

B) If in a thread, use the [SPOILER] tags to hide spoilers, [SPOILER]like this[/SPOILER]. If you are having problems implementing this code, put it right beside what you want to be invisible and use it. If that does not work, change it to [color="Black"]black[/color] and I'll alter it for you later.

C) If you have an issue with anything mentioned above, or something that is done in the forum, please use either the [color="Red"]Report Bad Post [/color]button (Top of each post) or [url=""]PM me[/url].

D) Given some recent activities, I'm reminding all that GameBanshee does not want threads based solely around ragging on a game, including this one. If anyone sees this, ignore it and follow the instructions in Part C.

Have fun, and stay a while. We always enjoy having constructive and active members here! :D
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