ME1: Overwriting Face Presets?

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ME1: Overwriting Face Presets?

Postby Tricky » Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:48 pm

I found Mass Effect 1 in the sales bin today and took it home. Sadly my laptop can't really run anything but the character creator, so I'm kinda stuck toying around with that until I can get my hands on a better computer (I had one around until last Christmas, but it blew up - long story).

I have a question though. Is it possible to create a face in Mass Effect 1, export it from a save and then use it to override one of the preset faces that the character creator provides, so I can look them up whenever I want?

I read about 'face codes' used to import characters from one Mass Effect game into the next. If I know Bioware at all, these codes are most definitely stored in savegame data and more than likely also stored in a happy place,*somewhere* in an ME1 folder where they function as the preset faces you can default to. Can those be replaced with other face codes?
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