File: Fallout Tactics v1.27 Patch

Description: This is the latest patch for the English and UK versions of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

File: Fallout Tactics Missing Inventory Patch

Description: This patch should be installed in addition to the above v1.27 patch to correct a bug with missing items in your inventory.

File: Fallout Tactics Bonus Mission

Description: Install this patch to unlock the Springfield mission, which is a bonus mission that was only available on the Fallout Tactics Bonus CD.

File: Fallout Tactics Demo

Description: A 125MB demo released by Interplay and Micro Forté that allows players to try out both single player and multiplayer missions.

File: Fallout Tactics Trailer

Description: The official Fallout Tactics trailer is a mixture of gameplay footage and classic Fallout-esque 1950's era nuclear war warnings.