The Rules and World of The Dark Eye

World - Religion

Most of the Aventurian continent holds to the belief that the world was created by Los after he killed the giantess Sumu. Los regretted the killing done in anger and crying tears upon it turned it into the world Ehtra, on which the continent of Aventuria lays.

The dominant religion is that of the Twelve Gods, held throughout most of Aventuria. Of its few rivals, the notable ones are the monotheistic worship of Rastullah by the Novadis, and the worship of the sorcerer-king Borbarad coupled with demonic cults in the Heptarch Empires. The traditional foe of the twelve gods is the Nameless One, held chiefly responsible for all suffering in the world and worshipped by many an evil creature.

The Twelve Gods are Praios, Rondra, Efferd, Travia, Boron, Hesinde, Firun, Tsa, Phex, Peraine, Ingerimm and Rahja. Each God has a month named after him in Aventuria's calender. Traditionally Praios god of truth and law is held as the highest god, while the other fulfil recognisable roles, such as Rondra the goddess of war or Hesinde the goddess of wisdom.

While most areas in Aventuria share a common worship of the Twelve, the way in which they are worshipped varies depending on race and culture. To the dwarfs, Ingerimm god of fire and artisans is held as the highest god. The same attitude prevails in Al'Anfa towards Boron the god of sleep and death. Phex is the god of merchants, but he is also the god of thieves, who worship him in their own secret temples.

Beyond the established religions or as a part of them superstition reigns supreme. 3, 6, 7 and 12 are lucky or blessed numbers, whereas the number 13 is cursed. The healing power of certain herbs is often attributed to various gods, while fortune telling is also very prevalent. But this is a magic world, so do not be too quick to judge something a foolish superstition if a frog lays an egg, you better get as far away as you can because that egg will hatch the deadly basilisk.

World Final Word

One might feel disinterested in TDE's setting based on how cliche and predictable it all sounds. My advice would be not to be so quick to judge. Aventuria certainly lacks in originality, but the many years with the setting, with numerous source-books, adventure modules and novels adding to the canon, has added complexity and richness to a solid core world.