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Most Recent Diablo III News

Diablo III - The Season of Nightmares Now Live

Posted by ValH at 11:56 am on 05.20.2019 (1 month ago)

If you were waiting for a reason to revisit Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III, the latest themed season for the demon-slaying ac...

Diablo III - The Season of Grandeur Live

Posted by ValH at 12:19 pm on 01.19.2019 (5 months ago)

A new gameplay season for Blizzard Entertainment's hack 'n' slash action-RPG Diablo III should now be live, full of new challenges...

Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram Event Live

Posted by ValH at 11:34 am on 01.5.2019 (5 months ago)

The Darkening of Tristram, a special annual Diablo III event that allows you to revisit the familiar locations from the first Diab...

The Past, Present, and Future of Diablo

Posted by ValH at 12:47 pm on 11.22.2018 (7 months ago)

In the wake of the recent Diablo: Immortal announcement that didn't sit well with the series' fans, Kotaku's Jason Schreier reache...

Rumor: Diablo IV in Development at Blizzard Entertainment

Posted by ValH at 11:31 am on 11.6.2018 (8 months ago)

Blizzard Entertainment's recent announcement of Diablo: Immortal, a mobile MMORPG, didn't sit right with a lot of people, in part ...

Diablo at BlizzCon 2018

Posted by ValH at 10:48 am on 10.18.2018 (8 months ago)

Earlier this year, we learned that some new Diablo projects were in the works at Blizzard Entertainment, with speculations ranging...

Blizzard Entertainment - Mike Morhaime Steps Down as President

Posted by ValH at 10:50 am on 10.4.2018 (9 months ago)

Mike Morhaime, one of the original co-founders of Blizzard Entertainment, has stepped down from his position as the studio's presi...

Diablo III: Eternal Collection Announced for Nintendo Switch

Posted by ValH at 11:17 am on 08.18.2018 (10 months ago)

Earlier this year, we heard some rumors regarding a possible Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III. And now that we know that some...

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Season 14 Live, The Future of Diablo Video

Posted by ValH at 8:52 am on 08.9.2018 (11 months ago)

A while back we heard about Blizzard Entertainment hiring some people for an unannounced Diablo project. Back then, it wasn't clea...

New, Unannounced Diablo Project in the Works

Posted by ValH at 9:40 am on 06.6.2018 (1 year ago)

The minions of Hell are growing stronger, or at the very least they're getting ready to do so, as Blizzard Entertainment's job ope...

Blizzard Entertainment Bringing Diablo to the Nintendo Switch?

Posted by BuckGB at 3:01 am on 03.7.2018 (1 year ago)

With the posting of a very short video clip featuring a Diablo night light that is "switched" on and off to their Twitter feed, Bl...

David Brevik on IGN Unfiltered

Posted by ValH at 12:26 pm on 02.28.2018 (1 year ago)

David Brevik, the man who created the original Diablo and an all-around veteran developer who's currently working on his one-man p...

Diablo III Season 13 First Look

Posted by ValH at 12:21 pm on 02.20.2018 (1 year ago)

Revisit the brutal, demon-infested world of Sanctuary, participate in a series of new challenges and earn unique rewards during Di...

Leonard Boyarsky Interview, Part 3 - Matt Chat

Posted by ValH at 10:32 am on 02.5.2018 (1 year ago)

In the third and final installment of his chat with Matt Barton, Leonard Boyarsky talks about his days at Troika Games and all the...

Diablo III - The Darkening of Tristram Event Returns

Posted by ValH at 11:37 am on 12.29.2017 (1 year ago)

Last year, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment held The Darkening of Tristra...

Leonard Boyarsky Interview - Vampire, Diablo, and What's Next for Obsidian

Posted by ValH at 10:52 am on 12.16.2017 (1 year ago)

Leonard Boyarsky, the veteran RPG developer who started at Interplay, co-founded Troika Games, spent a decade at Blizzard Entertai...

Diablo III Patch v2.6.1 Live

Posted by ValH at 10:25 am on 10.25.2017 (1 year ago)

Patch v2.6.1 for Diablo III, that was promised to revise the game's balance and make as many playstyles viable as possible, is now...

Diablo III Patch 2.6.1 First Look

Posted by ValH at 11:45 am on 10.16.2017 (1 year ago)

The official Diablo III developer blog has previously outlined the balance goals for the upcoming patch v2.6.1, and now we get a c...

Diablo Anniversary Event Returning, No Franchise Announcements at BlizzCon

Posted by BuckGB at 3:22 am on 09.29.2017 (1 year ago)

If you were hoping for a Diablo IV announcement or at least a Diablo II: Remastered reveal at this year's BlizzCon event, you'll b...

Diablo III Patch 2.6.1 Balance Goals

Posted by ValH at 10:40 am on 09.18.2017 (1 year ago)

A new post on the official Diablo III developer blog outlines the balance goals for the upcoming 2.6.1 patch for the action-RPG, a...

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