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Most Recent Diablo III News

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Q&A

Posted by ValH at 10:15 am on 05.5.2017 (3 weeks ago)

A couple of Blizzard Entertainment developers have recently participated in a live Q&A session, focused on the soon to be rele...

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Beta Test Launched

Posted by ValH at 7:44 pm on 04.12.2017 (1 month ago)

According to the official Blizzard Entertainment's blog, the closed beta for Diablo III's Necromancer update is now live. The blog...

Diablo III Necromancer Closed Beta Test

Posted by ValH at 5:50 am on 04.5.2017 (1 month ago)

The closed Beta test that will allow select players to try out Diablo III's brand new Necromancer class is right around the corner...

Diablo III Patch 2.5.0 Released

Posted by BuckGB at 12:03 am on 03.22.2017 (2 months ago)

Making good on their promises, Blizzard Entertainment rolled out the v2.5.0 patch for Diablo III and its Reaper of Souls expansion...

Diablo III Patch 2.5.0 and Season 10 Previews

Posted by BuckGB at 4:27 pm on 03.18.2017 (2 months ago)

With both the release of a new v2.5.0 patch and Season 10 looming in Diablo III's future, the website is offering up "f...

Diablo III Necromancer Update

Posted by ValH at 10:05 am on 03.15.2017 (2 months ago)

I have to admit, I've always viewed Diablo III's Witch Doctor as the Nu-Necromancer, but this has proven to be not the case, consi...

Matt McDaid on Mastering the Stylized Art

Posted by ValH at 10:18 am on 02.26.2017 (3 months ago)

80 level has an article-style interview with Matt McDaid who's had an extensive career in 3D modeling. Among other things, like wo...

Leonard Boyarsky Talk: A Life in Video Games

Posted by ValH at 11:44 am on 02.24.2017 (3 months ago)

Leonard Boyarsky, who worked at Interplay Entertainment, Troika Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and is currently holding a position...

Side Quest Syndrome: Designing The Road Less Traveled

Posted by ValH at 12:40 pm on 02.10.2017 (3 months ago)

A while back there was an editorial describing how side quests erode everything that makes RPGs great. Now, because we are good Dr...

Diablo III's Road to Redemption with Reaper of Souls

Posted by BuckGB at 2:09 am on 02.7.2017 (3 months ago)

With the release of Reaper of Souls, the addition of the crusader class, and the removal of the real-money auction house, Diablo I...

Diablo III Q&A Follow-Up

Posted by ValH at 12:52 pm on 01.25.2017 (4 months ago)

In December 2016, Blizzard Entertainment held a Diablo III-themed Q&A session on Facebook. Afterwards, they got a number of fo...

Diablo III 20th Anniversary Event Impressions

Posted by BuckGB at 12:48 am on 01.19.2017 (4 months ago)

We've had the opportunity to once again face off against The Dark Lord this month with Blizzard's "The Darkening of Tristram" 20th...

Diablo III Patch 2.4.3 Released

Posted by BuckGB at 1:42 am on 01.5.2017 (5 months ago)

The time has come to return to Tristram and take on the original Diablo, as proclaimed in this announcement heralding the availabi...

Diablo III "The Darkening of Tristram" Patch 2.4.3 Overview

Posted by BuckGB at 2:03 am on 01.4.2017 (5 months ago)

Twenty years later, we will once again be able to take on "The Dark Lord" in the re-imagining of the town of Tristram and its unde...

Diablo 20-Year Anniversary Retrospective Video

Posted by ValH at 5:20 pm on 01.2.2017 (5 months ago)

In their official blog, Blizzard Entertainment has reminded people of the upcoming patch 2.4.3 for Diablo III. It is said to inclu...

Diablo 20-Year Anniversary Incoming, Festivities Announced

Posted by BuckGB at 11:33 pm on 12.28.2016 (5 months ago)

It's hard to believe that we entered the city of Tristram for the first time twenty years ago, and that we have now spent two full...

The Diablo Series, Ranked from Worst to Best

Posted by BuckGB at 9:47 pm on 12.14.2016 (5 months ago)

Diablo III did not leave a fraction of the imprint on me that the original Diablo and Diablo II did, so I find it difficult to swa...

BlizzCon 2016 Day 2 Recap

Posted by BuckGB at 2:48 pm on 11.6.2016 (7 months ago)

The second day of this year's BlizzCon event has come and gone, and Blizzard Entertainment has wrangled up two separate recaps of ...

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Overview and BlizzCon 2016 Day 1 Recap

Posted by BuckGB at 3:30 pm on 11.5.2016 (7 months ago)

Following a Diablo-filled first day of BlizzCon, the team at Blizzard has cranked out an overview of the Necromancer class and fre...

Diablo III to Get Rise of the Necromancer Pack and Diablo Remake

Posted by WorstUsernameEver at 7:28 pm on 11.4.2016 (7 months ago)

Blizzard's BlizzCon event was the perfect stage for the Californian developers to make a couple of very juicy announcements regard...