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Berserker's Belt
Category: Armor (Waist) Value: 110

Rage Bonus: +20% Frenzy Duration
Requires: Barbarian class

How Obtained:
  • Copperlane (Admeth's Den) - Sold by Sonild

This belt was the product of a strange collaboration between the famed barbarian Strungbr and an animancer of comparatively lesser fame. Strungbr was determined to extend the period in which he could cast himself into a fearless frenzy, for it was the means by which he survived most of his many battles. The animancer, in turn, was much intrigued by the opportunity to investigate the affliction of temper. Over a period of time, the trigger for Strungbr's rage was isolated, and the belt was imbued with a spell which mimicked the effect. The resulting damage done to the laboratory ensured that the pair never collaborated again, but Strungbr was very pleased with the belt he received.