Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Wand of Arcane Disjunction
Base Item: Magic Wand
Charges: 50
Weight: 1 pound(s)
Resource Name: nw_wmgwn011
Installation: Neverwinter Nights 2 (Base)
Special Properties
Cast Spell: Dispel Magic (5) [2 Charges/Use]
Use Limitation: Class: Bard
Use Limitation: Class: Sorcerer
Use Limitation: Class: Wizard
Of all the items sold to adventurers and militias, Wands of Arcane Disjunction cause the most dissent and argument among wizards and sorcerers. While the market cannot be denied, some find it disturbing that spellcasters sell the very thing that may mean the death of one of their kind. Sellers don't mind the debate. Controversy means an increase in demand.