Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Blessing of the Daystar
Base Damage: 1d8
Base Critical Threat: 19-20/x2
Base Damage Type: Slashing
Weapon Size: Medium
Feats Required: Martial or Elf
Base Item: Longsword
Weight: 4 pound(s)
Resource Name: nw_wswmls006
Installation: Neverwinter Nights 2 (Base)
Special Properties
Damage Bonus vs. Alignment Group: Evil [1d6]
Enhancement Bonus [+ 3]
Enhancement Bonus vs. Racial Group: Undead [+ 5]
A legacy blade, this Blessing of the Daystar is one of several recovered from the Sons of Light, a group of knights who fought in the latter days of the Weeping War, 713 DR. Their leader, Scottie Torilson, was possessed of the one true Daystar, and through it they received the blessing of Torm in their last hour. They went to their deaths for a strategically unimportant elven village, because duty demanded nothing less.