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Assassin's Dagger
A narrow, long dagger with poisoned blade.
• +1 to Poison Damage
Type: Weapon
Race: Neutral
Cost: 11000
One can easily hide such dagger in one's sleeve, and instantly extend it for a quick attack. This makes such daggers quite popular among assassins, who will smear their blades with snake poison before combat.

Axe of Craig the Destroyer
The axe of the legendary Craig the Destroyer.
• +3 to Attack
• +30% chance of Critical Attack for warriors armed with axes
Type: Weapon
Race: Neutral
Cost: 16500
According to a legend, the great tribal chief and hero, Craig the Destroyer, heading a small troop of furious barbarians, eliminated a huge army of dwarves, but died under the weight of his vanquished enemies' corpses.

Bandage of Concentration
A silken headband decorated with a piece of crystal.
• +1 to Intellect
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 3500
Mages use such bands for meditation and concentration. Thanks to a special properties of the crystal, the mage can achieve concentration much more quickly and deeply.

The set of the Bandage of Concentration, Monk Belt and Pilgrim Boots gives to a hero +2 to Mana every turn during combat.

Barbarian's Shield
This shield protects the barbarian and increases his attack.
• +3 to Defense
• +2 to Attack
Type: Shield
Race: Neutral
Cost: 20000
A solid wooden shield, covered with the skin of a sea monster. Sharp fangs on the shield's surface allow the warrior to use this shield for attack as well as defense.

Cape of Wizardry
A silvery mantle, covered with sparkling runes.
• +10 to Mana
• +20% to Magic Resistance
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 15000
Upgraded From: Cloak of Wizardry
Upgraded To: Mantle of Wizardry
This cape is not only a symbol of a powerful mage, but it provides good Magic Resistance, which makes it especially useful in combat against Mages.

Chain Mail
A piece of armor, woven of metal rings.
• +1 to Defense
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 3400
Chain mail is lighter than common armor, but it provides less defense, especially from thrusting weapons and arrows.

Clay Bowl
An ordinary bowl made of clay.
• +5 to Mana
• -1 to Intellect
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 700
It's very stupid to wear a clay bowl on a head. However, oddly enough, this common household item aids in the accumulation of magic energy.

Cloak of Wizardry
A many-colored magic cloak.
• +5 to Mana
• +10% to Magic Resistance
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 6000
Upgraded To: Cape of Wizardry
Such a cloak, along with the Mage's Staff, is an essential item of every self-respecting mage. The cloak provides Magic Resistance and increases the magic reserves of its wearer.

Crown of Blackthorn
A crown made of natural blackthorn.
• +50% slower loss to Rage after combat
• +100% Damage of allied Thorns
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 7500
The narrow crown sticks into its owner's head, causing acute pain. The anger and pain do not allow the crown's owner to calm down after combat and lose his fighting spirit.

This living thorny branch enjoys the heat of combat, but treats lives of nature's creatures very tenderly.

Cyclops Eye
A big stone eye.
• +4 to Defense
Scrolls: Stone Skin (in exchange for 2 crystals)
Quantity: 10
Type: Artifact
Race: Neutral
Cost: 22000
This artifact could be taken for real cyclops's eye by mistake, but it is only a stone carved in the same shape. The Eye" was created to protect its owner

Dragon Cloak
The amazing cloak of the Dragon.
• +20% to base Defense
• +15% to the Power of combat spells
Type: Armor
Race: Neutral
Cost: 37000
The cloak is made of virr-spiders' web. This web not only provides good protection, but has a unique ability to amplify magic.

Dragon Necklace
A necklace made of dragon teeth.
• +3 to Attack
• +2 to Defense
• +1 to Intellect
Type: Artifact
Race: Neutral
Cost: 100000
Upgraded From: Dragon Tooth
Thanks to the amazing properties of dragon fangs, the owner of such necklace obtains considerable power, both magical and physical.

Dragon Tooth
An amulet made of dragon teeth.
Use: Unites 5 dragon teeth into the Dragon Necklace
Type: Artifact
Race: Neutral
Cost: 1000
Upgraded To: Dragon Necklace
You can assemble several dragon teeth into a necklace.

Equilibrium Sword
The long sword with a blade of strange gray color, which reflects nothing.
• +5 to Attack
Type: Weapon
Race: Neutral
Morale: Normal (50)
Cost: 32000
Upgraded From: Sword of Darkness
Upgraded To: Sword of Light
This sword was created by the god-smith Gefar as a prize to the victor in the battle between Light and Darkness. However, the conflicting forces had destroyed each other completely, so there was no victor. Thus the sword's blade remained gray, taking the side of neither Darkness nor Light.

It is said that an owner of the sword can incline it to one or another side by his deeds. The sword watches his owner attentively, heeding which powers he fights against.

Full Helmet
A strong steel helmet with a face guard.
• +4 to Defense
Type: Helmet
Race: Neutral
Cost: 16000
Such helmets provide excellent protection, though they reduce their owner's field of vision.

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