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The Airing of Grievances
Being a collection of the Indignities suffered by Minister Sheng at the hands of the backward shanty town of Tien's Landing:

His had has been soiled.
A parchment was stolen from him before a speech at a community gathering.
His cat was viciously threatened.
A chair at his table was placed backward.
His finger was slammed in a door not once, but thrice.
An egg was thrown at him by an unknown assailant.
His cart was stolen, filled with soiled garments, and then returned.
His face was ridiculed by young children.
His prized tonberry was squashed.
It was suggested that he perform acts of deliberate indecency upon himself.
He was forced to suffer the interminable and petty gripes of the people.
His hair was accused of being impermanent and false.
The honor of his family was Impugned.
He suffered a disabling attack by a pack of bees.
His reputation was maligned by brigands. Brigands!
A local dog evacuated in the Minister's shoe.
He was given a gift of turtle eggs by a visiting merchant.
It was suggested that he would be able to trace his lineage to a simple courtesan.
He was referred to as "smelly."
He slipped in mud, not doubt placed in his path by jealous townsfolk.
Sailors burned down his office.
• Tien's Landing - Behind Minister Sheng

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