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Monk's Gem of Forethought
Special: Lesser chance of Chi power-ups.
Effect: Spirit +2
To some, being prepared for any situation is the very essence of wisdom. While the world rewards those who excel, many warriors find that relying upon these rewards can lead to laziness and recklessness in battle. Only by bolstering one's natural spirit can one truly master the art of shaping one's Chi. This gem strengthens its wielder's spiritual reserves, but it removes the temptation to rely on the untrustworthy whims of fate.
• Tien's Landing - Purchased from Merchant Shipeng after you've killed Merchant Jiang
• Imperial City Golden Way - Purchased from Chandler Ling after you've falsely proven his innocence
• Imperial City Scholars' Garden - Purchased from Scholar Songtao after you've proven his innocence

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