Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Widowmaker TX Shotgun
Category: Weapon
Type: Lethal
Rate of Fire: 2
Reload Speed: 2
Damage Output: 6
Ammo Capacity: 2
Use: High-damage, close-range lethal weapon with a damage spread.
Upgrades: Firing pellet loads from 12 gauge cartridges in an underbarrel helical magazine, the Widowmaker TX Shotgun supports all standard upgrade packages. A special two-round burst attachment is also available.
Manufacturer: Military Arms of Ostrava
Installation: Base Installation
With its wide area-of-effect and good damage capability, the shotgun is the customary short-range weapon choice when it comes to room clearance, riot control, and police actions. Reload speed and accuracy are the trade-offs for its stopping power.
• Detroit (City Streets) - Purchased from Grayson