Dungeons & Dragons Online Equipment Database: Item Details
Minimum Level: 4
Weapon Type: Longsword
Equips To: Main Hand, Off Hand
Proficiency: Martial Weapon Proficiency
Damage: 1d8 + 1 Slash, Magic
Critical Roll: 19-20 / x2
Attack Mod: STR
Damage Mod: STR
Durability: 100 / Steel [Hardness: 13]
Base Value: 18015 gp
Weight: 4 lbs
Obtained: Random loot from chests of appropriate level (Garamol's chest in the Subterrane, in particular)
A classic straight-bladed sword usable in one hand. This weapon will burst into flame on a critical hit.
+1 Enhancement Bonus: This item has been magically enhanced. Armor gains a +1 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.
Flaming Burst: This weapon is sheathed in fire. The weapon deals an additional 1d6 fire damage each hit. In addition, critical hits deal an additional 1d10 fire damage for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 2d10 for a x3 critical multiplier, and 3d10 for a x4 multiplier.