Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Ceremonial Armor
Category: Armor
Type: Chest (Heavy)
Material: Red Steel (Tier 5)
Rune Slots: 2
Armor: 11.25
Fatigue: 16.80%
Installation: Base Installation
-3 Armor
+10 Mental Resistance
Requires: 32 Strength
Part of the Ceremonial Armor item set.
The rampant mabari of Ferelden appears absolutely everywhere on this armor: embossed on the pauldrons, etched into the cuirass, stamped on the leather. Nobody could doubt where it comes from, at least. When equipped in a set with ceremonial armored gloves and boots, the character has a greater chance of deflecting missile attacks.
• Lake Calenhad Docks - Found on Cultist Leader's corpse