Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Battle Armor
Template: g_a_class8001
Tag: g_a_class8001
Type: Armor (Heavy)
Value: 400
Feat(s) Required: Armor Proficiency: Heavy
Special Properties
Defense Bonus: 8
Max Dexterity Bonus: +1
This isn't the heaviest of armor, but it comes close. Designed for heavy militias, it has the protection needed to keep a soldier alive during ranged combat with massive weapons.
• Dantooine (Jedi Enclave) - Purchased from Crattis Yurkal
• Manaan (Ahto East Central) - Purchased from Tyvark Luowan
• Korriban (Dreshdae) - Purchased from Czerka representative
• Kashyyyk (Czerka Landing Port) - Purchased from Eli Gand
• Leviathan (Command Deck) - Found in armor locker