Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Retinal Combat Implant
Template: g_i_implant202
Tag: g_i_implant202
Type: Miscellaneous (Implant)
Value: 500
Feat(s) Required: Implant Level 2
Special Properties
Skills: Awareness +1
Immunity: Critical Hits
This ocular implant greatly increases visual acuity, allowing the user to better track enemy movement in combat. General awareness will improve as well.
• Dantooine (Jedi Enclave) - Purchased from Crattis Yurkal
• Tatooine (Docking Bay) - Purchased from Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu
• Manaan (Sith Base) - Found on Dark Jedi Master
• Korriban (Tomb of Ajunta Pall) - Found on corpse
• Leviathan (Cell Block) - Found in medical supplies locker