Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Flame Thrower
Template: g_i_drdutldev006
Tag: g_i_drdutldev006
Type: Droid (Droid Weapon)
Value: 300
Feat(s) Required: Droid Upgrade Class 2
Special Properties
Targets 7th level and up ignore horror effect
Damage: Heat, 30 points
Range: Short
On Hit: Horror, 100% for 3 seconds
Save: DC 15 for half damage
Uses: 10/10
Charges: Using this item consumes one charge. This item is automatically discarded after all available charges are consumed. Items that have charges do not stack in inventory.
This droid-mounted weapon can inflict damage over a broad area. The incendiary compounds within border on military quality, though the unit was initially designed for industrial purposes.
• Taris (Sith Base Upper Level) - Found in weapons locker
• Dantooine (Courtyard) - Purchased from Adum Larp
• Tatooine (Dune Sea) - Found on one of Tanis' droids
• Manaan (Ahto East) - Purchased from Yortal Ixlis
• Leviathan (Cell Block) - Found in footlocker