Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Energy Shield
Template: g_i_frarmbnds01
Tag: g_i_frarmbnds01
Type: Armor (Shield)
Value: 140
Special Properties
Uses: 5/5
Duration: 200 seconds, or max damage taken
Deflection: Energy, Electrical 20 points
Charges: Using this item consumes one charge. This item is automatically discarded after all available charges are consumed. Items that have charges do not stack in inventory.
When equipped and activated, these items project an energy shield around the wearer. The small power source can burn out when repeatedly stressed, requiring replacement of the entire unit.
• Taris (Upper City Apartments) - Purchased from Larrim
• Taris (Upper Sewers) - Found on Black Vulkar's corpse
• Taris (Lower City Apartments) - Found on Black Vulkar's corpse
• Taris (Lower City Apartments) - Found on Vulkar Gang Boss' corpse
• Taris (Black Vulkar Base) - Found on Black Vulkar Lieutenant's corpse
• Taris (Hidden Bek Base) - Found on Gadon Thek's corpse
• Taris (Sith Base Lower Level) - Found on Dark Jedi's corpse
• Taris (Davik's Estate) - Found on bounty hunter's corpse
• Dantooine (Jedi Enclave) - Purchased from Crattis Yurkal
• Tatooine (Docking Bay) - Purchased from Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu
• Tatooine (Czerka Office) - Purchased from Greeta Holda
• Korriban (Dreshdae) - Purchased from Czerka representative
• Kashyyyk (Czerka Landing Port) - Purchased from Eli Gand
• Unknown World (Rakatan Settlement) - Found in wicker footlocker