Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Echani Dueling Shield
Template: g_i_frarmbnds07
Tag: g_i_frarmbnds07
Type: Armor (Shield)
Value: 1680
Special Properties
Uses: 5/5
Duration: 200 seconds, or max damage taken
Deflection: Energy, Electrical 60 points
Charges: Using this item consumes one charge. This item is automatically discarded after all available charges are consumed. Items that have charges do not stack in inventory.
Far more powerful than most forearm shields, when activated this unit absorbs some of the incoming energy to provide good protection without the need for bulky generators. The unit must still be replaced after repeated use, however.
• Tatooine (Anchorhead) - Found on Dark Jedi
• Manaan (Sith Base) - Found in footlocker
• Manaan (Kolto Control) - Found on republic soldier's corpse
• Korriban (Tomb of Ajunta Pall) - Found on Shaardan's corpse
• Kashyyyk (The Great Walkway) - Found on Dark Jedi