Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
Template: g_i_datapad002
Tag: tar_calojournal
Type: Miscellaneous (Plot Item)
Value: 0
Special Properties
This datapad contains a record of Calo Nord's trophy kills... sentient and otherwise.

The last entry is an account of a recent Rancor hunt.

"What the Rancor lacked in intelligence it made up for in size, strength and ferocity. Conventional blasters were all but useless against its impenetrable hide, and I was forced to resort to more unorthodox methods to bring the beast down.

Some well placed mines near a watering hole were the first step, their explosions herding the creature into a dead-end canyone where I lay in wait, perched among the rocks.

As soon as the Rancor was below me, I dropped down onto its massive neck. It reared back, bucking and clawing in an effort to dislodge me, but I had the perfect position.

Unable to shake me, the monster opened its mouth in an outraged howl, and I was able to flip several frag grenades down its gaping maw.

The explosion blew me clear of the shredded corpse, but luckily the head was still intact. If I take it to Taris, I'm sure Davik will mount it in his trophy room along with the other heads I have collected for him.

Davik's also expressed interest in hiring me. I may take him up on his offer, even though I still have yet to claim the greatest hunting trophy of all: a pearl from one of the Krayt Dragons of Tatooine."
• Taris (Davik's Estate) - Found in footlocker