Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
Template: kor39_itm_datapd
Tag: kor39_itm_datapd
Type: Miscellaneous (Plot Item)
Value: 0
Special Properties
This datapad appears to be the journal of a Sith who quite obviously did not make it past this portion of his final test. Most of the journal consists of the Sith's account of gaining enough prestige with Master Uthar to take this test... only the final entry appears to concern the test, itself:
"It seems I need to get across the pool of acid in the central chamber if I am to complete my test, here, but that is not going to be easy. The runes name one obelisk the 'Pillar of Fire'... while the other is the 'Pillar of Ice'. I can only assume that one of the pillars leads to a way to remove the acid pool. Fire or ice... wouldn't fire create toxic fumes? I'm not sure. Maybe freezing the pool would be safer. Well... I'll worry about that once I bypass the terentatek beasts. If I can. I suppose it's now or never."
• Korriban (Tomb of Naga Sadow) - Found in skeletal human remains