Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Circlet of Saresh
Template: g_i_mask22
Tag: g_i_mask22
Type: Armor (Headgear)
Value: 8000
Special Properties
Wisdom: +5
Restricted: Not useable by Wookiees
Requires PC version or Xbox Live update.
The wealthy Saresh family of Taris were once known as much for their arrogance and cruelty as for their vast riches and political power. But over the last century many of the family have shown a strong affinity to the Force, and been taken in by the Jedi for training. Foremost among these was Guun Han Saresh, heir to the family fortune. To celebrate Guun Han's acceptance into the Order, his father commissioned the crafting of a powerful headband: the Circlet of Saresh. To prevent this spectacular gift from leading his son down the path of arrogance and pride - an all too real possibility given the Saresh family history - the circlet was fashioned so that only one who is a true servant of the light can use it. The circlet was in Gunn Han's possession when he disappeared shortly after the time of the Great Hunt.
• Kashyyyk (Lower Shadowlands) - Found on Ritual Beast's corpse