Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
A Mad Gent's Gloves
Base Item: Gauntlet
Weight: 1 pound(s)
Resource Name: n2_itset_clr3
Installation: NWN2: Special Edition
Special Properties
Cast Spell: Cure Moderate Wounds (10) [3 Uses/Day]
Use Limitation: Class: Cleric
The reputation of the penniless aristocrat-turned-self-proclaimed High Minister of Ao spread throughout Waterdeep like wildfire. Madachi Jhent had seen a vision of the High God, Ao, and taken it as a sign that he was to lead the new church of Ao. After he kicked a homeless man in the face and cured his blindness, he attracted many more followers. His fellow ministers were even more absurd than Madachi because they lacked the particularly intense fire that lit the High Minister's madness. When Madachi began his "kicking crusade" across Waterdeep, he rightfully should have been killed within the first few hours. Unfortunately for his would-be killers, Madachi's new followers defended him fanatically.

Soon after the beginning of the kicking crusade, Madachi started to realize that some of the people he was kicking were not actually suffering from illness. As he helped his victims to their feet, he noticed that his black gloves healed wounds at a touch. His faithful were enthralled at this new miracle. Madachi spread his new brand of healing across Waterdeep for days before he ran into trouble. When the High Minister kicked a priest of Bane, the dead god of hatred and tyranny, in the face, he was throttled. To make matters worse, Madachi insisted that the priest unhand him because "no servant of a dead god is fit to touch a servant of Ao." Even without the magic of his deity, the priest of Bane was more than a physical match for Madachi and his band of lunatics.