Slaver Compound 2 (AR0405)

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1 - Captain Haegan

Coming up from the sewers beneath the Slums District, you'll find yourself in a room surrounded by slavers. Led by Captain Haegan, this can be a difficult fight. Once you've defeated the captain and his men, you can grab his key as well as some Studded Leather +2.

2 - Captured Girl

Using the key from Captain Haegan, you can access this room. You'll be jumped by a couple of Trolls, but the fight is pretty easy. In the center of the room is a little girl who was captured by the slavers. To gain the most experience, give her 100 gold pieces and send her on her way.

3 - Slave

Free this young slave to earn 2500 experience points.

4 - Slave

Another 2500 experience points can be earned when you free this slave, as well.

5 - Wizard Battle

A pretty tough fight awaits you here. You'll have to take on a few powerful wizards, so cast whatever defensive spells are at your disposal before entering the room. Once victory is yours, you can grab a Cloak of Protection +1 off of the main wizard.

6 - Exit

From here, you can head back to the Copper Coronet and talk to Hendak, the guy you freed from the prison cell in the back room. You'll get a nice experience reward and a Bastard Sword +1/+3 vs. Shapeshifters.