Slaver Compound 1 (AR0404)

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1 - Arrival

After descending the stairs up in the Copper Coronet, you'll end up here.

2 - Grating

Dispatch the Otyugh and then click on the grating in the floor. You'll be able to bring up Vallah's Hand which is needed for the quest in area #7.

3 - Lover's Ring

On the wall are two skeletons. Click on them and you'll get a Lover's Ring, which is needed for the quest in area #7.

4 - Myconid Battle

This exit leads to a small room where you'll fight some Myconids. Nothing special here.

5 - Shaman Staff

You'll have to fight a bunch of Kobolds here. Once you have them bested, grab the Shaman Staff off of the commander. You'll need it for the quest in area #7.

6 - Quallo

You will meet Quallo here, a strange beggar with a Carrion Crawler pet. He'll give you clues as to how to complete the quest in area #7 and what reward to expect. You will need to kill his Carrion Crawler pet and grab its blood in order to finish the quest in #7.

7 - Lilarcor

If you have the hand from area #2, the ring from area #3, the staff from area #5, and the blood from area #6, you can solve the puzzle in this room. You must place each of these 3 pieces into the pipes on the north side of the room in the following order: Pipe #3 (hand), Pipe #1 (lover's ring), Pipe #2 (carrion crawler blood), and Pipe #4 (staff). Once finished, you'll be the proud owner of Lilarcor, the talking two-handed sword.

8 - Exit

Head up these stairs to enter Slaver Compound 2 in the Slums District.