Borador 'Goldhand', Dwarven Treasure-Hunter
Borador, Dwarven Treasure-Hunter Description

Borador is a treasure-hunter, a particularly tough breed of rogue who adventures for the singular purpose of looting otherwise unclaimed wealth from ruins, monster lairs, and other extremely dangerous places. Foul-mouthed, greedy, and taciturn, Borador refuses to speak of his past, and his clan-name is a closely-guarded secret... he has, however, been given the moniker "Goldhand" for his legendary avarice.

Borador is a decent combatant who excels with a crossbow and has numerous "treasure-hunting" abilities that allow him to foil traps and collect extra loot from monsters and chests. Like many dwarves, he also has a penchant for explosives. He cannot wear a shield or medium or heavy armor without training, and cannot use great weapons or bows.