Eldrith's Watch

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Eldrith's Watch


Eldrith has apparently been spending most of her exile writing the speech she gives you before the fight. Once she's finally done talking, you'll want to use the onyx sword on her and the tried and true technique of running in circles around her. The onyx sword is the best weapon because it does heavy damage, but it will also cause you some damage when you hit her. It also makes her larger and stronger until you deliver the final blow. You should have been able to loot enough healing potions to mitigate both of these factors and dispatch her fairly quickly.


After the fight, the only thing you can do to escape is to jump through this gate. You get a cut scene that sets up the next game in the series (Sleyvas was apparently working for a higher power the whole time and the Harper who sent you to destroy her has been killed), but no statues erected or pats on the back. Oh well, an adventurer's job is never done. . .