Adrianna, Elven Sorceress
Adrianna, Elven Sorceress

A strikingly beautiful female elf with exotic features, the elven sorceress can create magic the way a poet creates poems, by drawing on the raw power within themselves... and unleashing it with devastating effects. The sorceress has the ability to cast spells, an ability unavailable to the Dwarven Fighter or the Human Archer, and she has a number of specialized metamagic feats and spells available to her as she advances in level. Unlike the Dwarven Fighter or the Human Archer, however, the Sorceress cannot use weapons that require more than one hand, such as two-handed swords and two-handed axes.

Beginning Statistics
Strength: 13 (+1 hit/+1 dmg) Intelligence: 17 (+8 max energy) Wisdom: 12 (+3% experience)
Dexterity: 14 (+2 armor) Constitution: 13 (+1 hit points) Charisma: 15 (+10% buy/sell)