Cloakwood Forest (AR2200)

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This part of the Cloakwood Forest is close to its edge, but it is dangerous nonetheless. In other words, it is a hunter's dream. There are a lot of beasts and monsters around, so watch out. There is also an unusual number of spiders in the area, so you should always have some antidotes on hand.

Note: You won't gain access to the Cloakwood Forest maps until Chapter 4.

1 - Tasloi

Around here you'll run into a group of tasloi carrying a Cloak of Non-Detection. The cloak belongs to Gurke, who can be found inside the Jovial Juggler in Beregost. When you deliver the cloak to him, Gurke will allow you to keep it, and you'll also earn 300 xp.

2 - Aldeth Sashenstar

When you talk to Aldeth Sashenstar here, he'll tell you that he and his friends came to this part of the forest to do some hunting, but that they're now hiding out in the cabin behind them (#3) because some "uncouth savages" are trying to kill them. If you agree to help, then Seniyad and three other druids will show up, and they'll claim that Aldeth and his men killed a druid in cold blood. This will give you two ways to procced:
  • You can side with Aldeth. This will cause Seniyad and his druids to attack you. You'll earn 4360 xp for defeating them, and you'll find a Ring of Animal Friendship on Seniyad's corpse. Then Aldeth will walk up to you and thank you, and you'll receive a Potion of Heroism and 2000 xp.

    Note: If Aldeth survives, then he'll give you a quest when you meet him again later on in Baldur's Gate (AR1100). The quest will net you the bastard sword Kondar.

  • You can side with Seniyad. This will cause Aldeth and his men to attack you. You'll earn 1850 xp for defeating them, and you'll find a Diamond, a Potion of Heroism, the bastard sword Kondar, and 1240 gp on Aldeth's corpse. Then when you talk to Seniyad, he'll thank you for your assistance, and you'll earn 2000 xp.

    Note: If Aldeth dies, then you'll get ambushed by his brother Dabron later on in Baldur's Gate (AR0700). Dabron will drop a Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy when he dies.

In the original version of the game, you could acquire the bastard sword Kondar twice. You'd just need to pick pocket it from Aldeth in the Cloakwood, then help him against the druids, and then complete his quest in Baldur's Gate. This bug has been fixed in the EE.

3 - Cabin

Inside the cabin here you'll find two Arrows of Fire, two Arrows of Ice, an Elixir of Health, a Potion of Invulnerability, and 395 gp.

4 - Coran

You'll meet Coran (CG, Elf Male, Fighter/Thief) in the middle of the bridge here. He'll tell you that he's hunting wyverns in the area because Mayor Ormlyr of Beregost (in the Temple) is offering a 2000 gp bounty on them. You'll find the wyvern cave in the forest to the north (AR1700). Coran is the best archer companion in the game.